Not in any way copied from the European tour we have our very own “Race to West Kilbride” which started in 2015. Our traditional season ending outing in November at West Kilbride GC provides a perfect ending to the season long event. 

The golfer who has accumulated the best aggregate score from any 5 of all the outings during the season is crowned the winner of the trophy. Therefore the more events that golfers play in the better chance you have of winning.

Remember to have a chance of winning this trophy you will likely have to play a minimum of 5 outings in the season.

Leaderboard after the first outing in the 2019 Season.
Eric Gibson, 40 Greig Cross, 38 Matthew McCann, 35 Alan Hewitson, 34 Paul Foley, 34 Derek McDonald, 33 Ian Mackie, 33 Robert McIlroy, 32 Anthony McGlynn, 31 Gordon Fairbrother, 31 Graham Stevenson, 31 Stan Stevenson, 31 Stuart McPhail, 31
1Eric Gibson 40
2Greig Cross 38
3Matthew McCann 35
4Alan Hewitson 34
5Paul Foley 34
6Derek McDonald 33
7Ian Mackie 33
8Robert McIlroy 32
9Anthony McGlynn 31
10Gordon Fairbrother 31
11Graham Stevenson 31
12Stan Stevenson 31
13Stuart McPhail 31