September 11, 2017

Race to West Kilbride Update & Largs

Southerness on a Sunny Day!



Having now completed 5 outings the Race to West Kilbride enters the interesting stages where challengers can attempt to improve on poorer early season scores at the last 2 outings.  As a reminder the winner is the golfer who has accumulated the best aggregate score from any 5 of all the outings during the season.

The penultimate qualifying outing is Largs on 1st October.  This outing is nearly full so if you are interested in playing please register on the site as soon as possible. Largs Outing.

The leaderboard for the Race to West Kilbride shows Graham Cartwright in the lead.  However Graham Scott (& Derek Davidson) has only played in 4 outings and should he get close to season form in either of the last 2 outings of the season he is going to be difficult if not impossible to catch.

We look forward to seeing many of you at Largs at the beginning of October.

September 11, 2017